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Happy Easter!

Join us for Easter celebrations


The village is looking really beautiful now. The cold weather is finally behind us and the sun greets us every morning as does the almond blossom. The last few months have been busy ones, with everyone conducting a spring clean in preparation for Summer. Homes, picnic spots, nature trails and community sites have all been cleaned and tidied in order to welcome our seasonal guests.

We’ve also been giving our own bodies a “spring clean” by fasting before Easter. As is customary in the Greek Orthodox tradition we’ve given up meat and animal products such as dairy and eggs. With only a few days until Easter you can imagine how much our mouths are beginning to water. This week we’ll begin preparing a feast. You can meet the chefs as they knead the dough for the sweet Easter bread (or flaounes as we call them) and bake them in the open air ovens. The smell of the local herbs, raisins and fresh bread will leave your mouths watering too.

One of our favourite traditions, which children especially love to take part in, is the decorating of eggs. Join us as we dye them red and paint them different colours. Perhaps yours will be the strongest and not break when everybody cracks them around the Easter dinner table over the weekend.

Easter here is a very special time of year. Perhaps more important than Christmas. Our church services are beautiful. On the Friday Agia Marina church will be full of freshly picked flowers for the Epitaph and if you can make it, Saturday’s midnight service is equally as stunning. Everybody holds a special Easter candle and fills the church with light. The singing can be heard across the entire village. So too can the celebrations the following day.

You will wake up to the smell of a roast dinner and the sound of Greek music. You may even wish you had fasted with us – because you will need an empty stomach to eat all the food we will have prepared. Bring your dancing shoes, but don’t tire yourself out too much. Sunday afternoon we have an Easter egg hunt and on Monday traditional games in the monastery yard.

It’s the perfect time of year to witness and take part in traditional Cypriot village life.

We can’t wait for you to experience it with us.

Happy Easter from all of us at Casale Panayiotis x

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